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A 30-Hour Course for Teens

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State approved Wisconsin drivers ed
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  • Unlimited Access for 90 Days

Get ready to get behind the wheel!

Complete the classroom portion of your drivers education right from your computer or smartphone with our Wisconsin teen drivers ed course.

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What We Will Cover

Our Wisconsin teen drivers ed course is geared toward providing all the information new drivers need to pass their permit exam and prepare for behind-the-wheel training. This course is approved by the state of Wisconsin, and formatted for easy progression and review to help your teen master safe driving.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course costs $99.00 to enroll.

You’ll have 90 days to complete the 30 lessons in this course. You can only complete a maximum of 2 lessons per day, so it will take at least 15 days to complete the course.

Absoluteyl! If you don’t finish the course in 90 day, you can purchase a 30-day extension for $30.

No, you do not need your permit to enroll in this course. Once you’re finished with the course, you can present your certificate to an accredited driving school to get your permit and sign up for behind-the-wheel lessons.

The best time to begin your classroom is when you’re 14.5 or older. We recommend that you start when you’re 14 and 9 months, then, once you complete the course and turn 15, you can get your learner’s permit. 

When you complete your course, we will issue you a transfer certificate showing that you have completed the classroom portion of your driver education and are ready for behind-the-wheel lessons.

After you complete your course with us, you can take your transfer certificate to any DMV-approved driving school in your area to sign up for behind-the-wheel lessons.

If you purchase the course and decide you don’t need it before beginning, you can cancel for a refund. However, once you have started the course, we cannot refund you for canceling before you complete it.

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