Wisconsin Permit Test Prep

A course to prepare for the permit test

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ATTENTION: If you are under 18 and have not completed drivers education, click below to view the state-required 30-hour course.

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Get ready to get behind the wheel!

Prepare for your learner’s permit test with this crash course on everything you’ll need to know to get on the road and drive safe!

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What We Will Cover

Our permit test prep course includes information about what you can expect in the written test to get your learner’s permit. You’ll review the rules of the road, sign identification, and get to take multiple practice tests so you can be confident that you’ll pass your permit test.

Frequently Asked Questions

The permit test prep course is a 1-time payment of $99, which gives you unlimited access for up to 90 days.

While this course is specifically designed to provide all of the information you’ll encounter during your permit test, we cannot guarantee that you will pass the permit test after taking this course.

You are not required by law to take a permit test prep course in order to complete your GDL requirements. However, if you are getting your license for the first time and need a refresher, or failed your first permit test attempt you may find taking this course helps to prepare for the test.

If you do not pass your permit test, you must wait at least 24 hours before you can attempt the test again. We strongly suggest reviewing the course material all the way through to help you pass your next attempt. You are only allowed to attempt the permit test 5 times in one year.