Wisconsin Failure to Yield

A 2-Hour Course for Teens and Adults

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State approved Wisconsin drivers ed

ATTENTION: If you are under 18 and have not completed drivers education, click below to view the state-required 30-hour course.

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Refresh your understanding of right of way!

Take our failure to yield course to get back on the road after receiving a related moving violation or getting into a collision.

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What We Will Cover

This failure to yield course has been approved by the state of Wisconsin and includes all of the knowledge you need to refresh your understanding of right of way. From engaging videos to quizzes and tests, our course will help you get ready to get back on the road!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Failure to Yield course costs $99, which includes the course content and automatic notification of completion to the DMV.

The failure to yield course is for both teens and adults who currently hold a driver’s license or have had their license suspended due to traffic violations. You can be any age to take this course.

Typically, after receiving a ticket for failing to yield at an intersection or another related violation, you will be notified by the DMV that you need to take a state-approved failure to yield course. They will also provide you with a deadline for completing the course so you know exactly when you need to have it completed.

As soon as you complete the course, we will send a record of your completion to the DMV. In most situations, this is all you will need to do. However, if you needed to take the failure to yield course to reinstate your driver’s license, you should contact the DMV for your next steps.